Checkup – Children

An annual checkup for children aged 0 to 17

We care about the health of your child. At the LeBlanc + Savaria Clinic, we will carry out a complete check out of your child’s physical health to ensure good development.

Your child’s health should be evaluated regularly by knowledgeable professionals. Starting from when your child is born, the staff of the LeBlanc + Savaria Clinic ensures that your child health and growth is on track. We are also available for recommendations on diet, safety, hygiene and psychology.

Consultation Rates

Checkup fees: $220
Follow-up visit: $110 (for children from 2 to 24 months)

Checkup Details

  • Opening a file (no charge)
  • Evaluation of general health and development
  • Discussing parental concerns
  • Physical examination
  • Assessment of weight and growth
  • Dietary recommendations
  • General tips and recommendations for follow-up
  • Vaccination and updated vaccinations

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