Mental Health

At LeBlanc + Savaria clinics, we understand that there are many variables when it comes to a mental health diagnosis. Unlike an injury, mental health is often invisible and overlooked in the absence of significant events or major chronic problems. People are able to hide their symptoms for years, even decades. Not wanting to be perceived as “sick” or be criticized for not being able to better manage their emotions causes more and more people to hide what is really going on.

Even though mental issues can be complex, they can be managed. Our team is able to evaluate each case in a personalized manner and suggest measures to improve the quality of life of the patient.

Our healthcare professionals can help you with various mental disorders such as:

  • Exhaustion at work (burn out);
  • anxiety;
  • mood swings;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • depression.

LeBlanc + Savaria clinics care about your physical and mental health. We offer a psychologist service for adults in order to provide you with the best treatment.

Psychologist service for children and teens
Children and teens are just as susceptible to anxiety and depression as adults. What to do when your child is struggling with behavioural, eating, hostility, attachment or low self-esteem issues? Where to turn when your child has intellectual disabilities or ADD/ADHD?

The children and teen psychologist must first conduct a psychological assessment, focussing on an ADHD evaluation, intellectual assessments (learning disabilities, intellectual potential) as well as emotional and social assessments (anxiety, depression, relationship issues, obsessive compulsive behaviour, separation, divorce, etc.). The psychologist will then be able to better guide you to the appropriate resources.

Establishing the right moment to seek help for one’s child is not always easy. Often, we think time will improve the situation or we decide to wait until a certain limit is achieved before realizing we need help. However, we encourage you to consult with a specialist as soon as you notice a problem and especially, before the situation gets worse. When a diagnosis is made and the appropriate care is provided at the right time, then often only a few meetings will be needed to work on the challenges your child is facing.

As the parents and each family member have an impact on a child or teen’s life, we encourage you to also take part in family counselling, a therapeutic journey. This type of therapy will provide you with the appropriate tools to be able to better support your child.

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