Checkup – Adults

Complete Physical Exam

Make your health a priority by having a comprehensive, complete evaluation of your physical condition. Meet with a doctor at LeBlanc + Savaria Clinics to gain a better understanding of your own health.

Consultation Rate

Fee: $510

Checkup Details :

  • Personal and family history
  • Complete physical examination
  • Basic eye examination
  • Urine samples
  • Full blood tests
  • Resting electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Screening for colorectal cancer (if required)
  • Screening for Alzheimer’s disease (if required)
  • Automatic annual reminders
  • Liquid-based cytology (PAP test) and HPV screening *
  • PSA (cancer de la prostate) *

* Additional fees (the majority of these fees are covered by your private insurance)

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