Consultation fees

Consultation with an IPS: starting from $120

Consultation during weekdays: starting from $140

Consultation on weekends and holidays: starting from $160

IUD insertion: $165

Vaginal cytology (Pap test): $210

Vaginal culture: $60

Service available at these clinics

Women’s Medecine

Each stage of a woman’s life brings different needs in terms of prevention, treatment or contraception. Our general practitioners offer a wide range of gynecological care and services.

Pap Tests

The Pap test helps to detect and diagnose cervical cancer. This is a highly effective method of detecting abnormal cells early and to be able to recommend treatments quickly.

HPV Tests

The HPV test is done to detect the human papilloma virus. Early detection of HPV can prevent cervical cancer. Your doctor may also recommend an HPV vaccine.

Women’s health

  • PAP test (cervical cancer screening)
  • Endometrial biopsy (screening for cancer of the uterus)
  • HPV test
  • Contraception
  • IUD installation
  • Installation and removal of hormonal contraceptive implant (Nexplanon)
  • Heavy and painful menstruation)
  • STI/STD screening
  • Treatment of menopause-related symptoms

Frequently asked questions

Do you have gynaecologists?

No, our doctors are general practitioners.

Do you offer IUD insertion services?


Do you offer a contraceptive implant installation service?


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