Women’s Medicine

Medical Care for Women

LeBlanc+Savaria Clinics provides its patients with a variety of gynaecological care by a general practitioner.

Consultation Rates

Women’s health checkup (week day): $140
Evening after 17h, weekends and holidays: 160 $

Women’s health

  1. PAP test (cervical cancer screening)
  2. Endometrial biopsy (screening for cancer of the uterus)
  3. HPV test
  4. Contraception
  5. IUD installation
  6. Installation and removal of hormonal contraceptive implant (Nexplanon)
  7. Heavy and painful menstruation)
  8. STI/STD screening

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PAP Tests

The PAP test is used to screen for cervical cancer. This is a highly effective method of detecting abnormal cells early and to be able to recommend treatments quickly.

HPV Test

The HPV test is done to detect the human papilloma virus. To prevent cervical cancer, a vaccine against HPV can be given.

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