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Medical consultation with an NP : starting from $195

Medical consultation: starting from $240

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Hormone therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is designed to restore physiological hormone levels similar to those prevailing prior to menopause, perimenopause or andropause. For women and men whose quality of life is affected by these hormonal changes, hormone therapy can be a beneficial solution. Before starting hormone therapy, a medical consultation is required to diagnose or exclude other diseases and conditions.

Symptoms and prescribed hormones

For women:

We offer consultations to patients with menopause-related symptoms: absence of menstruation, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disorders, mood swings, etc. The healthcare professional may prescribe a treatment based on bioidentical  hormones. This involves taking a drug containing the natural hormones already present in women (progesterone, estrogen).

For men:

We can treat the symptoms of andropause (male menopause): reduced libido, low energy, loss of concentration, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, etc. This treatment can take the form of testosterone supplements.

General note: under no circumstances do we prescribe supplements or doping products for sport and training (steroids, anabolic steroids, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

Have your doctors received Dr. Sylvie Demers’ training in hormone therapy?

Some of our doctors have received training from Dr. Sylvie Demers as well as other in-depth medical training in hormone therapy.

What is the cost of a hormone therapy consultation and is there a charge for each visit?

The fee for an initial hormone therapy consultation is $240 with a doctor and $195 with a specialized nurse. Consultation fees apply to each clinic visit, but those for follow-up appointments differ from those for the first visit.

What are the side effects and contraindications of hormone therapy?

It’s important to note that hormone therapy can have side effects that vary according to the type and duration of treatment. These effects may be temporary or persistent, and require close medical monitoring. It’s also crucial to understand that, although the hormones used may be of natural or bioidentical origin, this doesn’t mean they are risk-free. Certain contraindications, such as a history of stroke, heart attack, breast cancer, pulmonary embolism, phlebitis, liver disease or neurological migraine, must be taken into account before starting this treatment.

What is a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?

A Nurse Practitioner is a nurse who has obtained a Master of Nursing Science degree after completing a Bachelor of Nursing Science and accumulating 3600 hours of practice in a chosen specialty. They possess advanced clinical skills and can diagnose certain illnesses, prescribe treatments, and collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals. This role, established through a partnership between the Quebec Order of Nurses and Nurses and the College of Physicians, aims to provide more accessible and affordable quality care while relieving pressure on the healthcare system.

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