Other Services

Services Offered at the Clinic

  • Ear washes
  • Preparing various forms
    Driver’s licence/SAAQ, certification of good health, pre-employment examination, pre-training examination for hockey, etc.
  • Cardiac monitoring
    CardioSTAT is a compact and comfortable cardiac monitor (ECG recorder) designed for short-term and long-term continuous monitoring. This heart rate monitoring system can detect arrhythmia. Available in 48-hour, 7-day, 14-day options, CardioSTAT is easy to install and does not affect sleep. Unlike the Holter, it is wireless, and no large adhesive is used on the skin, allowing you to stay active all day.
  • Podiatrist
    A podiatric clinic is accessible at the same location as our medical clinic in Blainville. With a solid podiatric educational background, your podiatrist Dr. Anthony Careccia offers you at his Fontainebleau podiatric clinic – Pied confort, a wide range of services and treatments for your feet while using the latest knowledge and technology to provide you with a service in a welcoming and trustworthy environment. Get quick access to a consultation and an appointment now.

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