Obstetric services – Pregnancy follow-up

The private medical clinics LeBlanc + Savaria are proud to introduce their new pregnancy follow-up service


The Cliniques LeBlanc + Savaria offer obstetrical and medical follow-up services specifically dedicated to future and new mothers, newborns, and babies. Paediatric check-ups are also offered to children over the age of 2 years. Our goal is to provide care and services in a calm and warm environment adapted to our clients. Our team is sensitive to the needs of all our patients, both young and old alike.


– Prior to the delivery –


PREGNANCY CHECK-UP: 1st trimester

Details regarding your first trimester appointment:

  • Meeting with the nurse who, considering your needs and concerns, will be able to answer all your questions as well as your family’s questions.
  • The nurse performs the blood tests requested by your doctor. Afterwards, the nurse will contact you by telephone to communicate each of your results directly to you for you to plan the next steps together.
  • During this first medical visit, the doctor takes the time to inquire about your medical history in a comprehensive way and conducts a complete physical examination. You can also look at all the relevant documentation, including requests for upcoming exams and tests as well as the preventive withdrawal process (if applicable depending on your workplace).
  • Our team can inform you and answer all your questions related to the Québec Prenatal Screening Program (PQDP) for genetic abnormalities as well as prenatal fetal DNA screening tests offered in the clinic for an additional fee.
  • Finally, we proceed to listen to the fetal heart (as of 10 weeks) and with the viability ultrasound.


PREGNANCY FOLLOW-UPS: 2nd and 3rd trimester

Details regarding the pregnancy follow-ups:

  • Pregnancy follow-ups are recommended every month until the 32nd week of pregnancy, then at shorter intervals until delivery.
  • At each appointment, we discuss upcoming exams, lab tests, and ultrasounds.
  • Pregnancy follow-ups are offered until delivery or until the third trimester according to what the patient decides. Then, the transition to the birth centre is completed without there being any difficulties or concerns for the parents.
  • Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) to be received (from the 28th to the 32nd week of pregnancy).
  • Screening tests for gestational diabetes (at the 27th week of pregnancy).
  • Other vaccines or tests may be recommended by the doctor and administered by the nurse for an additional fee (e.g., influenza).


Why choose Clinique LeBlanc + Savaria | Laval for your pregnancy follow-up?

  • Experienced doctors in neonatology and in the delivery room
  • Experienced nurses that are attentive to the needs and concerns of future parents
  • Support focused on the needs of the mother, the unborn child, and the family
  • Support of the patient regarding the choice of the birth centre and referral according to the chosen centre
  • Advanced technologies
  • Exceptional follow-up and reputable communication with the birth centres


– After the delivery –


POSTPARTUM FOLLOW-UP EXAM FOR MOTHER AND BABY (6 to 8 weeks after delivery, can be combined with the baby’s 2-month follow-up examination)

Details regarding the postpartum follow-up exam for mother and baby:

  • Follow-up regarding contraception, if necessary
  • Advice on breastfeeding, if necessary
  • Answers to parents’ questions and concerns
  • Assessment of postpartum adjustment

NEWBORN’S INITIAL VISIT (between 2 to 4 weeks after delivery)

Details regarding the newborn’s follow-up examination:

  • Obtain information regarding the pregnancy and the delivery
  • Growth follow-up
  • Complete physical examination
  • Follow-up on the newborn’s feeding (breastfeeding or not)
  • Breastfeeding tips if needed
  • Answers to parents’ questions and concerns


BABY FOLLOW-UP EXAMINATION (at 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 18 months)

Details regarding the baby’s follow-up examination:

  • Assessment of general condition and development
  • Growth follow-up and updating of vaccination book
  • Complete physical examination
  • Follow-up on the baby’s feeding (breastfeeding or not)
  • Breastfeeding tips if needed
  • Answers to parents’ questions and concerns

PAEDIATRIC CHECK-UP (children from 2 years old, one appointment per year)

For more information regarding the paediatric check-up, click here.

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