Viscosupplement Treatment

hyaluronan injections

What is osteoarthritis of the knee?

Active and athletic individuals often struggle with knee pain, mainly caused by osteoarthritis. Sport and old injuries may put continuous strain on the knees, causing gradual wear of the cartilage covering the tip of the bones. The greater the wear and tear, the more joints rub against each other. The cartilage then becomes rougher, the meniscus (layer of cartilage that lies between two joints) is irritated and pain in the knee is accentuated. These factors gradually intensify over a long period of time and are often the cause for pain and the premature development of osteoarthritis. There is a solution that can relieve your pain by improving joint function.

See how viscosupplement may benefit you

Treating osteoarthritis from the moment the first symptomspresent themselves allows you to reduce complications. Viscosupplement is a treatment for osteoarthritis by the sole injection of articular fluid, based on a proven technological process called NASHA®, which produces a stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA). Because hyaluronic acid is naturally present in humans, it is safe and efficient. Viscosupplement is designed to be injected directly into the joints affected by osteoarthritis (mainly the knees and the hips) in order to restore the lubricating and shock-absorbing properties. This quick and safe method provides long-term relief that lasts between 6 and 12 months. Whether you want to go downhill skiing or prefer cycling through the roads, viscosupplement will take you to the highest hills!

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