ADHD assessment

Living better with ADHD is possible!

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is much more than mere inattention or turbulence observed in children or adults. ADHD is a neurochemical and neuroanatomical disorder, and it is often inherited. It can be detected and successfully managed.

ADHD affects up to one in ten children in Quebec (5 to 9%), including adolescents and youth, and the phenomenon is increasing. It makes it difficult for them to complete certain tasks such as doing homework or staying seated for long periods, to follow through on given instructions, to manage their emotions, or to use appropriate behavior. They have generally higher rates of disciplinary referrals and are nearly three times more likely to drop out of school. Although ADHD manifests differently in each individual, a list of common symptoms can be compiled in childhood and adolescence:

  • Inattention, trouble with listening and concentrating
  • Hyperactivity and impulsivity
  • Being forgetful and disorganized, misplacing objects
  • Difficulty with sustained effort
  • Relationship challenges, blurting answers before hearing the whole question
  • Anxiety, low self-esteem

In over half of cases, ADHD is a condition that persists into adulthood. An American study states that up to 70% of those with ADHD will be treated for depression. Sleep disorders affect people with ADHD two to three times more. ADHD is also believed to be associated with substance use, risky sexual behaviors and other inappropriate behaviors, difficulty in completing projects, in multiple tasking and in dealing with people at work and in society. The symptoms experienced in adulthood are slightly different from those experienced in earlier years:

  • Impatience, irritability, fidgeting
  • Restlessness, distraction
  • Poor organizational skills (agenda, tasks), difficulty delivering projects, procrastination, forgetfulness, trouble sustaining attention
  • Paradoxically high levels of concentration on specific subjects
  • Difficulty in resolving conflicts, lack of tact, heightened emotions, anger, impulsivity
  • 25 to 40% of adults with ADHD have a co-existing anxiety and mood disorder

Only 2% of individuals are diagnosed and receive the necessary help. At LeBlanc + Savaria Clinic, our doctors are committed to accompanying you and providing you with the necessary tools to better manage this condition and to reduce its daily impacts at all ages.


Consultation fees

OPTION 1: The patient already has a diagnosis issued by a psychologist or neuropsychologist

ADHD assessment and initiation of treatment: from $265

This service is offered by our physicians in Blainville and Laval.


OPTION 2: The patient does not yet have a diagnosis

The assessment and potential diagnosis of ADHD is conducted by a qualified medical professional who will evaluate your symptoms and provide ADHD medication if necessary, in order to help you manage your condition more efficiently.

The evaluation process consists of two comprehensive meetings. The first consists of a clinical interview, a medical history review, and the completion of normed rating scales including lifestyle habits (sleep, exercise, substance use) and overall health. Results and relevant treatment options are discussed in the second meeting.

First meeting assessment : 500 $

Second meeting (analysis and treatment options) : 500 $

Please note that follow-up appointments will be more frequent initially, until the medication is properly adjusted. One to two appointments per year should be sufficient.

*This service is available at the LAVAL clinic only.


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